From online jobs to face-to-face English Trainer
“オンライン ” イングリッシュトレーナーから “オフライン” イングリッシュトレーナーになるまでの軌跡



I’m Vinya, an English Trainer in Adways Philippines.
I started working in Adways Philippines on October 1, 2015.
Actually, my real name is Rovinia.
I got the name Vinya from my mentor on my first job as an online English Trainer.
From then on I preferred to be called as Vinya or Vin.

I was born in Cebu City.
I spent my childhood and teenage years studying, making friends, and discovering my abilities in the City.
Like any other cities, there are many advantages as there are a lot of access to various facilities like schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and more.
When I was still in elementary, I could remember having a tour around beautiful spots in Cebu.
I have visited nice beaches, museums, old churches and more natural attractions.
There are also sanctuaries for birds and butterflies.
My hometown is also known for its festivities like the Sinulog festival.
Sinulog is known to be the mother of festivals in the Philippines.
Another festival in Cebu’s town is the Lechon festival.
Lechon is a popular food in Cebu which is a roasted pork.
A lot of tourist would come here to experience the fun of the different festivals and to taste the delicious cuisines.

As an English Trainer it is important to build trust to the learners.
Build their trust by getting to know them more.
Aside from assessing their skill level in English, it is also good to know their strengths and weaknesses as a person.
In this way respect is built as well, as to we would know how to interact with each other.

From a nursing graduate to an English Trainer

When I was a student, my favorite subject was English and literature.
My dream course was actually Mass Communication and major in journalism.
I like reading and writing short stories and poems.
I enjoy getting to know the deeper meaning of song lyrics.
Unfortunately, my parents plan was different.
Since they were the ones who supported me financially with my studies, they get to decide the course I would take in college.
And so, I took nursing and graduated from that course.

Even if I finished my bachelor course in Nursing, I chose to apply as an online English Trainer after I finished college.
I chose that company for my first job because they provide a training course plus an allowance before starting the actual job.
I was thinking that it was an opportunity for me to learn more things that are related to English and other languages.
After my first job, I experienced teaching English from different online English schools.
I also experienced working in call centers which made me discover more about the different accents of English while talking to different customers from North America.
My schedules from those jobs are changeable.

Suddenly, I realized that I wanted to have a job that has a fixed schedule.
My friend told me that Adways Philippines is looking for a new trainer because one of their trainers was resigning.
I found out that they have a fixed working schedule, so I immediately applied for the job and fortunately got hired.

In Adways Philippines, we find “Ways”

Just like any other jobs, I had my adjustment period in Adways Philippines too.
I was used to online jobs like teaching English online and talking to customers online.
There were some differences in teaching approach now that I am my own trainer on my job.
On my previous jobs, I was used to go through training before starting the actual job.
In Adways Philippines, it was different. I train myself while observing one of the trainers having their classes.

So why I stayed in Adways Philippines for a long-time?
Being in Adways Philippines taught me more on being independent and unique.
As a trainer I get to prepare and decide on the lessons I give to my learners.
I see to it that the lesson I provide for them is based on their level of learning English.
Just like Adways Philippines, I get to find ways on how to get through the struggles of teaching English.
I also ask the learner’s likes and dislikes, as to create and match interesting topics for their lessons.

The higher you grow, the deeper you bow

Actually, English is not a measure of intelligence.
I teach English because I want to share the knowledge I got from my experiences.
Learning English is a two-way process which involves interaction between the trainer and the learner.
I hope they have learned and improved by heart.
I want them to keep learning more not just because they have to, but they want to.

English is a global language so there is a chance for more opportunities in jobs or travels.
It is easy for us to communicate and understand each other if we have a standard language to be used.
My ultimate goal as an English Trainer aside from being successful with their career with the help of English, I wish for the learners to use and share their knowledge in English in a humble way.


2015年10月1日にADWAYS PHILIPPINES INC. に入社しましたイングリッシュトレーナーのヴィニヤです。







そんな時、運良く友人の紹介でADWAYS PHILIPPINES INC. を知り、ご縁があってイングリッシュトレーナーとして入社できました。

フィリピン/セブにあるADWAYS PHILIPPINES INC. に就職し、自分の道(WAYS)を見つける



「ADWAYS PHILIPPINES INC. はユニークで楽しいレッスンを提供できるから」と!