Our Culture

The Cebu Island

Cebu has English as its official language, and is known for its comfortable climate throughout the year. It is popular among international students and foreign investors who are looking for growth opportunities.

Work Dynamic Environment

We spare no effort in ensuring that you are able to work with people who are passionate to excel as well as giving you the opportunity not only to grow as a professional, but also to improve your English proficiency.

Digital Marketing Skills

Nowadays, the digital marketing industry evolves rapidly, and as a company that belongs to such a fast-evolving industry, we make sure that you can keep up with the latest trends and methodologies in digital marketing.


Yuchi Sakagawa


Being a company where everyone has the opportunity to grow not only professionally but also as better individuals is our core value of utmost importance.

We believe that this is the significance of our corporate existence.

In the chicken-and-egg theory of “whether human resources first or business first”, it is the business that often tends to be given utmost priority, and since we are a company, it goes without saying that it is a necessity for us to ensure that our business grows and thrives.

However, in digital marketing, where the business environment continues to change rapidly, the ultimate weapon is “people”. As proven by our actual experience, our business performance has greatly progressed as a result of thorough face-to-face interaction with people. Hence, the advancement of our business is firmly based on a foundation of ensuring that we are providing a work environment that is conducive to learning and growth for our employee.

The Adways Group's management philosophy of "profitability" means providing value to customers and society as employees grow.

In the Philippines, we will continue to strive to improve and enrich the lives of all those who are involved with us, both inside and outside the company.

Our Environment

Acquire a Language Skill

You are able to take English lessons during business hours with an American / Filipino teachers who have vast prior teaching experience at English language schools. (1 American, 4 Filipinos)

Get to Unwind on Weekends

Cebu has a warm climate throughout the year. After working hard on weekdays, you can fully enjoy Cebu island on every holiday.

A Safe Home

We provide a secure condominium with a pool, gym, etc., all of which are taken care of by our company.