A Deep Dive into the Life of an English Trainer



Greetings, everyone!
My name is Lionel, one of the English Trainers at Adways Philippines.
You can call me “Lio” or “Raio” for short.
I have been an English Trainer at Adways Philippines since April 17th, 2017.

As you all may know, the Philippines is an island country, consisting of approximately 7,000 islands, and I was born in an island called “Bohol”; however, I was raised and spent most of my life in Cebu.
Both Bohol and Cebu, in my humble opinion, are incredibly beautiful islands, known for their pristine beaches and other breathtaking sightseeing spots that are absolutely worth visiting!
One notable sightseeing spot in Bohol is a place called “Chocolate Hills”, where people get to see hundreds of natural hill formations covered in grass that turn brown in summer, hence the name “Chocolate Hills”.
Cebu is also blessed with many beautiful sight-seeing places, one of which is “Oslob”, where people get to swim with whale sharks. You guys will surely have a blast in Bohol and Cebu!

Prior to working at Adways Philippines, I used to work at another popular Japanese ESL (English as Second Language) school in Cebu for five years or so, which means I had already had prior experience in respect to teaching English to Japanese learners long before I joined Adways Philippines.
Working as an English trainer is such a fun and rewarding experience for me!

The reason why you have chosen to be an English Trainer and why at ADWAYS PHILIPPINES

Ever since I was an elementary school student, teaching has always been something that I truly derive pleasure from.
I really find teaching such a fun and rewarding experience.
I would say that teaching is my forte.

Coincidentally, I have always been into language learning as well since I was a kid.
Growing up, I really loved learning English.
I also enjoyed learning other languages such as Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
I have always had a natural inclination for learning languages, probably because I think it provides me with new perspective, i.e., it enables me to see the world with a different pair of lenses.

In the same fashion, I was also fascinated with the cultures of other countries, but the one that stood out to me the most was Japan because of its interesting culture and amazing technology; hence, I really had great interest and fascination for Japan, growing up.

No wonder I have chosen to be an English Trainer at a Japanese company. I’m fortunate enough to have become part of Adways Philippines!

Your thoughts on being an English Trainer and your overall experience so far working at ADWAYS PHILIPPINES

Working as an English Trainer at Adways Philippines has been such a fun experience for me!
I get to teach Japanese learners from all walks of life, i.e. learners from different prefectures, backgrounds, fields, and not to mention, with various personalities.

The best thing about working at Adways Philippines, in my opinion, is the fact that I have the freedom to be creative.
I literally have unlimited opportunities to come up with my own fun and efficient lessons for my Japanese learners in the most creative way possible.
Personally, I really love and enjoy creating my own visuals for my Japanese learners of English in the form of presentations, PDFs, self-made videos, and the list goes on.
Moreover, as an English Trainer, I am more on the practical side of the spectrum.
I love preparing realistic and practical lessons that truly benefit my Japanese learners of English based on their current levels of proficiency and actual needs.
For instance, I love teaching practical and useful words, phrases and expressions to my Japanese learners that are naturally used by native speakers of English.
I also teach a wide range of topics from TOEIC and IELTS preparation, business English, to everyday conversation and so on.

I am grateful that I am able to make a living by doing the thing that I truly enjoy, which is teaching.

Your ultimate goal as an English Trainer at ADWAYS PHILIPPINES and your vision for your Japanese learners

As a language learner myself, I completely understand the needs of my learners regardless of their nationality.
I love teaching learners that are seriously interested in improving their ability to communicate in English.

My ultimate goal is for them to be able to speak English as correctly as possible, and more importantly, for them to be understood easily and sound as naturally as possible when communicating with native speakers of English or when traveling to other parts of the globe someday.

I also can’t help but feel very proud knowing that some of the Japanese learners I’ve taught English before are now working at international companies in Japan.
It simply goes to show that hard work and dedication DO pay off.
Seeing great improvement in the ability of my Japanese learners to communicate in English is truly such a rewarding feeling!

To those who are reading this blog of mine, THANK YOU for having taken the time to read it in its entirety, and if you happen to be interested in working at Adways Philippines, I am looking forward to seeing you in person and teaching you English soon!!
Stay safe and take care! それでは、またね!


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